Monday, April 19, 2010

I know! I know!

It has been about 9 months since I blogged last. I haven't forgot, I just have had alot on going on. As many of you know we have moved back to Huntsville, Al in December. It is so good to be back with family and familar faces. With that said, I am missing our life in Tulsa. I miss the Sundays with The Bursons and spending time with Zoe and Christian. Zoe, Christian, if you are reading this please know Aunt Mic loves you very much! I also miss our neighborhood friends and my job. I didn't realize I would miss it and the people so much. But I much!

We have had alot of fun making up for lost time with family. We get together every weekend for dinner. Recently all the boys and men went camping. They called it the Florence "T" party. They slept in a TeePee, had Tilipia and Tator Tots, Tubing on the Tenneessee River, Twinkies and Iced Tea. The girls did what we did best...had a party that is. Tons of girls laughing, shopping and eating of course. Lots of great food! We are so blessed to have spend lots of time with our niece Olivia. She is so observant and smart and so cute! I love to see her play with my kids. I remember having tons of cousins around and all the fun we had. I miss those days but atleast my kids have that.

I have learned alot about our family since moving to Alabama. 1. I am horrible at the phone thing. I am horrible at returning phone calls and picking up the phone to check on my peeps. I am trying to get better so please bare with me. 2. David is a leader. He is emerging as a strong leader. 3. Kailyn is VERY creative and full of life. 4. Austin is so insightful and we are seeing that take shape. I am amazed by them. 5. We are more healthy. Bobby and I competed in a weightloss competition hosted by our Gym and came in 2nd place. The competition helped us realize the junk we were putting in our bodies. It is amazing how much better we feel. The energy!! 6. We are outdoor people. We love camping, hiking, fishing, etc. 7. This is the most important. We are conquerors in Christ! We are warriors! We are Victors not victims. We are Champions!

We have found a wonderful church home! The Rock Family Worship Center. We love it and the kids look forward to going. They are involved in Royal Rangers. It is a combination of Awana and Boy Scouts. They go on camping trips and have fitness goals and earn patches. The biggest thing is theya re learning scripture and how God is moving in their lives. I love asking about what they learned in class. Right now they are learning more about how the Holy Spirit moves and how to recognize Him speaking. I am still learning. Kailyn is writing a book on all the questions we has for God. I will not elaborate on this because she asked me not to for now. She wants to finish the book, sell it and give the money to missions. That in itself should tell you about where her heart is. Bobby and I can't wait to get involoved! We will be going through some classes at The Rock and then we will be able to serve.

Now that I have caught you up on where we are and what we are doing, I will be changing the direction of the blog and I will blog more often. I hope you enjoy following along with our journey. Be blessed!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A new post is coming soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Fun

WOW! Where has the summer gone? We have had so much fun! The kids spent two weeks with Granny and Grandfather and lets just say Bobby and I have some reprogramming to do. I wouldn't say they were spoiled...they were blessed and will carry theses memories forever! The boys talked about rough housing with their Uncle Dennie and Grandfather and Kailyn loved shopping and getting her ears pierced with Aunt Robin and Granny. Bobby and I enjoyed being a couple. As much as we enjoy and love our kids it is amazing what time alone as a couple can do for your marriage. This week we are heading to the beach to meet my family. This will be our first family vacation and I am so excited. I am looking forward to listening to the guys play guitar and sing, crab hunting with the kids, cards, sun, sand, and LOTS of family. I will post some pictures of our Wild, Wonderful, Family Vacation. Everyone have a great week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally an Up-Date

I am not sure of where to start or if I remember how do blog. LOL! OK I will start with why I have not up-dated our site in so long. I have joined a great team of people (Generations Healthcare) that help senior citizens with the education of Medicare and help them choose a plan that is best fitted to them. I love my job but I have found it is a bit consuming. As many of you may know I am a "Mother Hen" and find it difficult to just go on with life and not be apart of theirs. I have so many people that do not have family support or someone to look in on them. It saddens me and makes me very greatful that I have a family that loves me and cares for me. I recently had surgery and some complications but I am recovering slowly but surely. Thank you for all your prayers and help over the past weeks. I couldn't have gone through this without you! Bobby has had his hands full with taking of me and the kids. Ladies and Gentleman: I would like to announce Bobby as Husband and Father of the Year!!!! The kids are growing and I am so proud of them. They are very active in the neighborhood(in other words lots of friends and they come here). Austin has recently earned his red and white belt in Karate and is on his way to Black Belt. David has decided he needed a break from soccer to pursue his social skills (AKA being a great friend) and Kailyn is doing a great job playing soccer. We have had so much fun watching her. The kids are so much fun to be around. I think this is my favorite stage. Of course I think I have said that about every stage but it still rings true. I love being a mom and I love the season of life I am in. God has and is so good and as I drive down the road or fold laundry I meditate on His goodness and it overwhelms me. I am a child of God!!! I am royalty, I am a princess of the Most High! Say that to yourself and say it with confidence. Doesn't that give you the confidence to...Oh I don't know...share the Great news of God's love, forgive someone who has wronged you or even forgive yourself! Shout it to the mountain top! Oh I hope you are as excited as I am. It gives you a different perspective of who you are.

Spring is here finally in Tulsa and we are loving it. The trees are in bloom and the flowers are showing off. The weather is perfect for strolls around the pond, laying under the trees, and watching the kids play in the yard. I love this time of year...A new beginning!! I am reminded of God giving us a new start, a clean slate everyday. Then I think to am I making a new start, what am I doing to show appreciation for the grace God has given me? Am I showing that to others? Do I give that same grace to my husband and kids? Do they see God in me? I would like to say that my family and friends see Christ in me all the time. But I know my faults and I know the answer is no, they do not see Christ in me at all times. This past Sunday my pastor talked about God's love, acceptance and forgiveness. I do not see myself as pessimistic but I was looking at life as "what is the next disaster?" I am not trusting or have the faith that is called of me. God loves me...he wants to give us His blessings, God accepts I am (before I confessed my sins), and God forgives...He forgave, he forgives, and will forgive. Enough said. But I would like to point out that if God forgives (past, present and future) and gives us a clean slate why can't we do the same? Why do we spend so much time allowing Satan to destroy our thinking and bring us down for sin. That is condemning after God has forgiven us. In Romans it tells us there is NO condemnation in Christ. We spend too much time condemning others of their sin. That is not our job we as Christians need to forgive, encourage, accept, love and support. I know this is random but Sunday I was meditating on God's Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance. I allow Satan to invade my mind and condemn me for the past and allow him to destroy my thinking for the future. NOT anymore! I will fix my eyes on my SAVIOR! I will find comfort and strength in Him. I hope you find encouragement from this. I love you and will talk to you soon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you did too. Bobby and I packed the van with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a whole lot of fun. Our first stop was Florence Alabama.We spent the night with Bobby's parents and headed to Florence S.C. We had the best time hanging out with mom and daddy and loved spending time with Michael, Kristen and Brennan! Kristen and me helped mom with the cooking of Thanksgiving dinner and boy did we eat...we should been ashamed of how much we ate. Then there was the desserts. Oh My! I think I ate about 3 pounds of Kristen's Peanut butter candy and Chocolate pies, Raspberry salad, Banana pudding, and oh I can't go on. I have to lose 15 pounds before I can go back home. Daddy is doing ok since his amputation and he still has a long recovery but he is strong. Daddy and Michael got the guitars and played while the kids danced around. Golly that sounds very "little house on the prairie." I love to hear daddy play and sing.

We recovered from dinner and on Friday went to the church to take some pictures in front of the Christmas tree. The process was actually painless. Michael set everything up and I think we captured some great pictures. After pictures the girls went shopping and Bobby took the kids to the movies.

Saturday, on our way back home to Tulsa, we stopped in at Bobby's parents to stay. Bobby's dad took us to Miss. Annie's Beer Garden for dinner. It was so much fun eating, talking, and laughing. Oh and Bama beat Auburn... what a great day!

We got home late on Sunday and Bobby and I are fighting something...not sure if it is the flu or what but when mom and daddy are sick it isn't fun. I am now working with Generations Health care and love it! I am still in the training phase the people I work and train with are amazing! Please be praying for us during this adjustment. We love you guys and we are very grateful to have each of you in our lives! Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy BIrthday To Me!!!

Bobby surprised me with a trip to San Diego and L.A. for my birthday.  He planned a great trip and had the best time!  Bobby also surprised me with a convertible and wow!  The view from a convertible is so much sweeter.  Our first night (Thursday) we were in search of real Mexican food and not Tex-Mex.  Well Bobby looked through a travel magazine provided by the hotel and thought he found the best Seal Beach had.  When we got to the restaurant it was Mexican...we were the only ones there and it was attached to an Econo Lodge.  We died laughing.  All this hype and it was at the Econo Lodge.  Friday we loaded up and headed to San Diego.  I loved it there.  We walked along the beach cliff  in La Jolla and saw people canoeing, snorkeling, and seals lining the beach.  It was so cool!   La Jolla is Beautiful!  If I ever visit California again it will be to San Diego.  We also went to Sea World.  It was Bobby's first time and I haven't been since 6th grade.  We felt like two kids again.  We ate with Shamo and watched the trainers feed them, tell us how they trained them.  It was really neat.  The show after the lunch was incredible!  Saturday, we toured L.A, Beverly Hills and went to Universal.  That night we had a beautiful and Romantic Dinner outside over looking the bay.  The food was fantastic, the view was breath taking, and Bobby...well Bobby stole my heart!  I didn't care for L.A but I did enjoy the cafe we ate at.  We actually ran into friends from Oklahoma...that was wild!  Bobby kept getting looks from guys...that was hilarious!  When we were at the Kodak Theater we saw a music video being made and were asked to participate but who needs all the paparazzi following?  The video was like Michael Jackson's Thriller so cool to watch but not my thing.  Anyway, We had a great time hanging out and had a great time at Universal as well.  I came home Sunday and hated to leave him.  He will be home Thursday so I am looking forward to it.  Oh I thinks my kids second best home away from us is the Burson's.  Billy had them convinced that a donkey turned into a horse.  HAHAHA  It is a long story but it is HILARIOUS!  I hope you have a great week!  I am signing out so I can celebrate my birthday...I am taking a that old or just being smart?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fair Days...Best Friends!

This has been a roller coaster of a week! A friend of mine went to be with Jesus, we helped the Burson's move into their new home, I helped set up the book fair at school, Bobby has had programs, soccer practice and we ended the week at the Tulsa State Fair! This week I have to remember to take life in and enjoy it! Be with the ones you love, reach out to help others and have FUN!

The fair was a blast and ginormous!!! We went with the Bursons and their parents. We ate our "Fair" share of pizza, hamburgers, cotton candy, and funnel cake. I did not get a corn dog...I may have to go back. The kids rode anything and everything that could make them sick. Well I need to go so I can finish watching the Bama game! ROll Tide!

Have a great week and I love you gals and guys!